That I have sent a brand new BenQ W1800i 4k HDR Projector. BenQ said they wanted me to review the new system while talking about a movie or TV show that made a huge impact on me, so thanks to them I’ll give my thoughts at the end of the video while also going over how much I love the Squid game. I used to get my w2700 projector from them which has one of the best projector pictures I have ever seen and we will review if this improves. Now in this video, we’ll answer all the big questions you have about Squid including why Il-Nam created it, what happened to the front man and also why Gi-Hun did things like dye his hair. It is far from great.

Now the first thing we’ll go into is why Il-Nam created the tournament. Although very little is known about the character, in the series we learn that when he was growing up the character played a lot of games as a child.

These included all the things we see on the show and that also explains why he’s so good at playing it. Il-Nam’s entire life revolves around gaming and gambling. Even on his deathbed , he’s still trying to play one last match with Ji Hoon as he bets on whether anyone will help a man who has lost consciousness in the bitter cold.

Just as he loses this, he loses his life and everything connected together in such a way that it makes for a great final scene.

Now first I just want to address why it won at face value before delving into what I think is the hidden meaning behind it. We know that Il-Nam built himself a huge fortune and because of this, money was never a thing. Whatever he wants to do he can do but this also came with downsides. Nothing was out of his reach anymore, there was nothing else that could challenge him anymore, and so everything became pedestrian.

It reminded me a lot of the old Twilight Zone episode which is called a nice place to visit due to its psychological aspects. That incident came after a man named Rocky was shot dead after robbing a pawn shop. In the afterlife he meets what appears to be an angel who tells him that his job is to give his heart whatever it wants.

At first, he thought he is in heaven because he wins every singles match he plays and he loves and adores everything he comes across. But as the episode goes on, he realizes he’s in hell because everything goes his way no matter what and that the need to do better and improve is stripped of him.

This is how I look at Il-Nam and he tells us that he found common ground with his other wealthy friends who felt the same way. And so they set up the Squid Game and started recruiting people from all over the world. In episode five we see that this has gone decades back and that over the years, thousands upon thousands have died for the entertainment of the VIPs. At one point it was said that this is a bit of a gamble for them and we as human beings offer animals like horses to participate in games for us, just like Il-Nam and co.

Now the reason this development is so shocking is because Il-Nam appears as one of the cutest people on the show.

During the ball game, I’m sure everyone was upset when he died, and I’m not going to lie, it made me hate Ji-hoon a bit. I think what Il-Nam and the VIPs do to ease their conscience is that they make the majority of games something that contestants have to agree to. Everyone signs a waiver before entering the contest and is given options to waive and leave with their lives if they so desire. I think what’s probably happening is that they’ve played the games enough times now to know that many will want to quit after the first game but the prize money will always bring them back .

These are of course the desperate people we deal with and are handpicked by the recruiter most likely due to their appearance and circumstances.

Thus, in order to calm the conscience of the VIPs, they are given the opportunity to quit and then it is entirely up to them if they decide to return. Il-Nam has often lived a life of betting and gambling and we know from the show that he was diagnosed with a tumor.

I think before he got so sick that the character wanted to have another big gamble, so he decided to play his game from the other side. He’s got number one and interestingly enough, Il-Nam actually translates to one which is proof that he was behind it all. Now in the game I think he’s found something he wasn’t expecting and he’s an heir.

When we join him on his deathbed, there are no relatives there or anyone close to him to keep him company. He’s really lonely except for Gi-Hun and it’s possible that in this game he ran into someone who was literally or figuratively like a son to him. Now why I say literally is that there are some hints in the chain that the couple is actually related.

In episode 3, Ji Hoon goes to get some milk and tells the guard that he can’t get it and asks for chocolate flavor instead. Il-Nam taunts him and says that his son was doing the same and that he was beating him because of it.

When they play balls, Il-Nam walks the streets and comes across a place that looks like his childhood home. Interestingly, Gi-Hun also says that the alley is similar to where he lived when he was younger and it is possible that the couple related. If this is indeed the case, then Il-Nam gave up Gi-Hun when he was younger in order to gamble and play games. This is no different from the way we meet Gi-Hun who bets horses, owes over his head and also to the point where his daughter is taken out of him. At the end of the season, he is supposed to travel to Los Angeles in order to meet her but instead ends up returning to stop games apparently.

All these similarities make me believe that Il-Nam was not only playing games in order to see what it was, but was also trying to find a replacement. Il-Nam didn’t have heirs or people to pass on his legacy to, and so I think he went through the selection process to see if anyone else deserved to take command of the games. Now this has definitely been seen in the past and how they worked. In Episode 5 we learn that In-Ho aka The Front Man was actually part of the games and since he’s still alive, he probably won them. He’s also been recruited into gaming management probably because now he’s so rich that he realizes he has more in common with Il-Nam and the like than the average guy.

However, I have no idea how much that amount of money actually is and might still need a job. Anyway, the idea of Gi-hun getting close to those in power is pretty much a telegraph to us in the end. He not only completely changes his appearance and begins to dress smarter , but also dyes his hair red. Red is seen throughout the series as a color that shows strength and whether the cards were given by the recruit or the guards themselves, red indicates that someone is part of the system and not a player.

So I think the real reason why Il-Nam created games is that he not only wanted to have a good time for himself and his friends but also wanted someone to take over these games.

In the end, we knew the games were still going on, and so they’re likely to be looking for other people to either watch or play. Il-Nam has left a void in the process that needs to be filled and I absolutely love to see Gi-Hun step into it. Gi-Hun has shown he’s willing to give up his family to take out the championship, but it may end up being the key to seeing him become the thing he hates. Now along the lines of this ideology, The Front Man was also willing to throw his family to the side in order to continue playing the game.


In the series we watched while his brother was trying to figure out his relationship with the game and in the end the two came face to face.

The front man ended up shooting his brother and apparently fell to his death. After the review part of the video I will talk about whether or not I think Hwang Jun-Ho is alive but this move from In-Ho is important. It shows that he is now completely separated from his family and as we know, there is still someone running games in the absence of Il-Nam.

And so I imagine he has now assumed the leadership position as he was being put in that place anyway due to his proximity to Il Nam. The Front Man describes things as a dream and tells Gi-Hun that it wasn’t bad for him.

That’s why I think that before what he went through himself and instead of seeing him in a negative light like Ji Hoon, he now views it as gambling with people like horses. Anyway before we get to the final part of the video, it’s time to tell you about the W1800i and what I thought of it.

As I mentioned at the beginning anyway before we get to the final part of the video, it’s time to tell you about the W1800i and what I thought of it. As I mentioned at the beginning of the video, I used to have the W2700 and absolutely loved this monitor so I was happy to get this new one from the company. Now where this differs from the previous model is that it is a smart projector and comes with a built-in dongle that has applications designed specifically for the projector such as the main video and more.

This isn’t just a standard version of your swamp, and in the same way that your YouTube app might look different on your phone than on your TV, it was designed with display devices in mind.

The all-new remote provides voice control so you can quickly search for shows within seconds without having to type things in. This results in a very easy-to-use system that is very straightforward to set up and means you can instantly watch your favorite shows and movies . The new smart system can also connect to your wifi and allow screen viewing from your phone and IPAD. Setting up the projector is super easy, you just take it out of the box, plug it in, point it at the wall and turn it on.

We already had things set up for an overhead tool and it was just a case of unpacking that and putting this new one in place that took less than ten minutes. The projector itself provides the best picture I’ve ever seen, and while my phone doesn’t really give the real detail it does, trust me when I say it looks great in real life. Due to its 4K HDR picture, it really exposes you in whatever you’re watching, and is capable of projecting a 100-inch image across your room to truly bring that cinema experience home .

I thought the W2700 was about as good as a picture could get, but this somehow improves it and makes it an absolutely incredible picture that lets you watch movies and shows like never before. The projector comes with the latest cinematic color technology that offers millions of different shades and when you watch something like Squid Game, it really pops out of the screen.

This one is of course filled with a number of different colors and has an HDR presentation that makes watching things like the W1800i amazing. Now there are some downsides to it as well, and while the last controller lit up when a button was pressed, this doesn’t make it difficult to select options when you’re in the dark. The sound is also something you might need to buy additional speakers if you want that true cinematic experience but I’m not a big fan of music so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

However, I know some of you will and it will pretty much equal what you’ll get from most flat screens these days. While the Dongle is also a nice addition, it is also missing some apps at the moment, but if you have a firestick or something to that effect you shouldn’t notice much as you can of course use it instead.

Overall though I really like the projector and if you’re looking to move in that direction I think it’s definitely the right way to go.

So the picture I’m going to score 10/10 and that’s purely because I haven’t seen a better one. It’s cinematic quality and it renders 4K UHD discs perfectly, and it streams in really high quality. The audio I would only give a 6/10 due to the limitations of the onboard speaker. I would probably buy those extra if you want a full cinematic experience at home but nothing too bad.

Usability I’d give a 9/10 and that’s because of the remote control. Although it is a really good projector and thanks to BenQ for sending it to me for review. Well, we’ll finally talk about whether Jun-Ho is still alive at the end of Squid. Throughout the series we watched him investigate the whereabouts of his brothers and he was eventually shot. His body was never found and there are some indications that he is still alive and that he managed to escape.

Now the first thriller is to shoot him in a position similar to his brother. They both shoot each other and are almost an eye on eye position. We know that In-ho survived the bullet wound, so it’s possible that Jun-Ho did.

Now he also has a number of options for escaping, first is the snorkeling gear he brought and there are also several boats leaving the island that he could have slipped on board. There are certainly a lot of options available to him to get out of there and I personally think he has succeeded in that.

Now one of the counter-arguments to this is that the games are still running and therefore he didn’t drop them. People have argued that this is because of his death but there may be another reason. The fall would likely have destroyed all the evidence he had, so he had to wait another year for the tournament to start again so he could infiltrate the facility under the guise of being a ranger. Jun-Ho would have to pretend to be dead for a year in order to make this happen and he would be allowed to strike without anyone knowing. Anyway, this is the video and I hope you had a good time watching it.

I loved talking about the series and we still have a lot of topics to talk about including Season 2.

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If you want to watch something else, be sure to check out the details of the perfect scene in Spider-Man Homecoming. We’ve broken down everything, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you want to know more. That way, thank you for watching the video, I was Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care of yourself, peace.

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