The Korean language survival drama, squid game has been impressing Netflix subscribers ever since the debut in September, and many viewers have already made it through the nine episodes that make up the first season as fans recover from the crushing conclusion to squid games.

Some have begun to examine the show’s earlier episodes for clues that might have foreshadowed the shocking twist at the end of season. One squid game tells a narrative in which people rarely turn out to be what they seem at the beginning. Even characters who are introduced as admirable upstanding members of their community, such as sung woo, are hiding some darkness. For the most part, the story revolves around a simple sounding competition, consisting of six children’s games, with 45.6 billion won on the line for the competitors who enter the tournament. However, the brutal elimination of more than half of those players during the title game of the first episode red light green light quickly establishes the extreme stakes that these participants face. While the surviving players take the chance to escape the games.

After a majority of players. Vote to suspend them, many are drawn back into the tournament by their desperate circumstances. There are several plot twists at the ending of season 1 of squid game, but the true identity of oil nam stands apart as the biggest one while ilnam appeared to sacrifice himself so gihon could win and take home the prize money. He is soon revealed to have survived when gihan visited zornam on his deathbed. He reveals that he was one of the founders of the squid game competition and was participating for one final thrill before his terminal. Illness claimed his life. However, fans of reddit who are now re-watching, the show have noted some pretty noticeable clues laid out in season 1 of squid game regarding ilnam’s connection to the competition. One user points out that, in the first game, red light, green light illness dashed forward with a smile on his face and he was the only one who appeared to have fun.

I wanted to just feel something just one. Last time before i die, while other clues hinted ill, nam’s, true identity later on his behavior in the first episode during the initial game, is so different from any other player that it serves as an early indicator of his actual level of involvement with the competition on Her first watch viewers might believe ilnam’s story that he’s simply an old man with dementia, but on a second watch it becomes clear that his glee during the game is because he understands it all too well, not because he’s confused ilnam’s behavior during red light’s green light. May have hinted at his true nature, but if you go back and rewatch the first season, you’ll encounter several other clues that hint at the old man’s true identity. For starters, it seems more than coincidental that he’ll now meet outside of the shop in episode. 2

Ultimately, iwo nam is the one to convince kihun to return to the games. How many more of these chance encounters did ilnam have with other contestants so that there would still be a good number of people to play the remaining games. That’s not all episode. 4 contains a sequence where the contestants murder each other, when it’s time for lights out without proper food rations, the remaining players go after one another to clear out some of the ranks when gihan goes to check in on ilnam he’s nowhere to be found.

It’s very possible that he knew that the melee would be so dangerous that he’d be better off on his own rather than sticking to gehen and his team. Not only that, but illen is the one who cries out to end the madness on first watch. This sounds like the bleeding of a scared old man in actuality. It could have been his way of letting the front. Man know that it was time for the guards to enter, to put a stop to the bloodbath. One read its user rights when he stood up on the top of the bed. Some was crying that he was scared. They stopped the game almost immediately. It planted a seed of doubt in my head that never really went away.

Finally, the biggest sin that illness wasn’t just a normal player comes in episode: 5, when undercover cop junhoe finds decades of records of past games. He opens up the binder showing the current players, but the very first page shows the information for player 2 skipping player 1, who is ilnam, considering that illness was a vip the whole time. It makes sense that he wouldn’t have the same biographical information on file, but the other players get much like every other great cinematic twist. It almost seems obvious when you go back to watch the show.

The survival drama, squid game has got a grip on netflix users and a majority of the internet. For that matter. Those who decided to watch the series thinking they were in for anything remotely lighthearted found themselves in for a gruesome surprise, as the show is anything, but that squid game follows a character named sangion who decides to join a mysterious competition to win money and attempt to Pay off his gambling debts not long into the first game. Kihan learns that it’s going to be much more intense than he thought, and this time he’s betting with his life.

One of the first allies gehan makes in squid game is an elderly man known at first as just player. One yun is understandably shocked to see such a frail looking man taking part in the competition, and we soon learned that player 1 has a terminal illness exacerbated by a brain tumor, and he decided to join the games rather than die of his illness. The biggest twist in the entire first season of squid game occurs in the very last episode when kian realizes that player 1 aka ol nam is still alive, a shock after he was seemingly eliminated after the marble game.

As it turns out player. One was one of the obscenely wealthy masterminds behind the entire competition and his execution after the marble game was faked player. One and the rest of the cartel are the same puppet masters who decided to create the games as a source of entertainment. Oh this is exciting. Gentlemen, this may be the deciding moment despite his deception, about his involvement in the games player. One’S reasons for joining remain pretty consistent throughout the show, as he originally tells his fellow competitors. He joined the competition for excitement since his terminal illness, which is real means he doesn’t have long to live.

He wanted to experience the adrenaline rush of competing in the life or death games, even if he knew he had a major advantage over the other players. Not only that, but he wanted to experience the game as a player, because he’d been observing the twisted festivities for years as a vip with all the time he spent watching from behind the scenes. He surely knew a few secrets. No other player could know which ensured that he could maximize his time in the competition and get the most fun out of it as he could. It wasn’t too hard to decipher player one’s true intentions for eagle-eyed viewers when the games began, while many contestants show fear and anxiety during the opening moments of red light, green light player, one charges ahead with a gleeful expression on his face when you first watch the Episode, he just seems like a crazy and fearless old man ready to die when he’s actually a crazy and fearless old man ready to die. Who also knows very well how to play these games from his childhood since he’s behind them all and has likely seen them play out several times over the years.

said, his strategy during tug of war, while solid and ultimately very helpful, wasn’t foolproof. He really could have died during that game, which is evidence that he was in it for the thrill and nostalgia factor and was willing to die if he had to. Since the growing tumor in his brain is like a ticking time bomb in the season finale. He reveals to gihan from his deathbed that his extreme wealth made him bored with life and that he and the other rich vips put the games together, so they could finally have some fun as to why he joined the games himself. Knowing he could die, he told gehan this from the english dub in my childhood. I always had so much fun out doing things with all of my friends. We’d lose track of time for hours. I wanted to just feel something just one.

Last time before i die, and you are not going to get that feeling if you are just going to spectate – and i desperately wanted that he goes on to tell gihan – that he did indeed experience the fun he was after thanks to gihan. Then he dies before he can offer any more explanation. This huge twist makes squid game an excellent candidate for re-watch, despite its brutality as all of player, one’s decisions take on a whole new meaning.


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