Squid game was incredible: what a great show, not just because of the two big identity reveals, but because of the third implied twist, there are three main clues that everyone is talking about, but that’s lazy. So i went back and re-watched the season to find as many clues as possible.

Here are 10 scenes and events that take on new meaning on back of the father-son theory.

First, let’s review the three commonly discussed clues gihan said that he could not digest regular milk and the old man said that gihan was just like his son, an early clue that the old man may be son, gian’s father.

The second clue was the marble town, both gihan and the old man said that the alleyway reminded them of the alleyway from their childhood neighborhoods and last but not least, gihon’s birthday. The first pin number that gihan tried was his birthday: zero. Four two, six or april 26th and during the scene in which the old man pretended to have dementia, he asked gehan what day it was because if it was the 24th, then it was his son’s birthday soon and that aligns with gihan’s birthday. So those are the three clues that every lazy article points out, but let’s go deeper. Here – are seven other clues and scenes that take on new meaning. If the old man is gihan’s, father number four curious introductions. The old man was the first person with whom gihan spoke on day one, and it just so happens that the old man was contestant number one and gihan was the last contestant 456.

Gihan pointed that out and the old man said, i knew that jihan then told the old man that he should be at home having his daughter-in-law cook for him, to which the old man asked gihan. If both of gihan’s parents got their food cooked for them by their daughter-in-law number, five red light green light, the first game that the contestants played was red, light green light. The old man was the first to move after the first round of deaths and he was having a blast. Both gihan and the old man survived gay number one, but afterwards the contestants held a vote to see if they would end the larger game and the decision came down to contestant number one, the old man and although he wanted to keep playing, he chose no, possibly Because his son had chosen no also pretty cute number six chance encounters outside the game. The old man found gehan, said and drinking alone and shared a meal with him. The old man commented on the small odds that they’d run into each other and said that they were quote destined to meet there. But in hindsight the old man may have gone there to see his son one last time before going back to play the game again and in the end, gehan chose to go back and play the game again as well number seven, the team, gihan and cheung wu Formed a team with abdul ali and the old man asked if he could join them, then they were given a meal and both the old man and giha remembered that type of lunge, apparently gihan’s mother used to make those meals for them each morning and speaking of Meals, gihan came up with the licking technique for the honeycomb and afterwards the old man thanked him for that, as the technique helped the old man to pass the round as well number 8.


The fight the gangster yangduksu killed a man in the residential area and money was added to the pot, so they all learned that killing. There was allowed gehan told the old man to stay awake at night and he did the old man climbed to a top. Bed screamed for them to stop the madness and the front man did just so. The fight was stopped after the fight. The group finally exchanged their real names, but the old man struggled to say his seemingly due to memory issues, but possibly as a way of keeping his identity, a secret from gihon and lastly, without even being asked to do so. The old man stayed up all night watching over their group number nine second watch. The old man gave gyan’s team advice as to how to win at tug of war, and afterwards, their new team of ten created a barricade they agreed to take turns keeping the watch and the old man asked to join gian for second watch during second watch. Gion had flashbacks to a violent worker strike that he was once part of, and the old man said that he had heard about it. Then the old man began suffering from his brain tumor, so gihan laid him down and poured water on him to lower his temperature overnight. The old man wet himself, so gihan gave the old man his own jacket to cover up the evidence, and later the old man gave gihan his own jacket out of fear that the game operators would get mad at gihon for not being dressed to code, pretty cool. The icing on the cake was that gihan had the option of pairing with this guy, but he ended up choosing the old man, father son. Unfortunately, the next game was the marbles, so they would be competing versus each other number. 10 ganbu ganbu is a term for a good friend someone with whom you would share everything. Even your marbles. The old man was dominating gehan at the guessing game and technically gihan lost, but the old man threw gihan a lifeline by pretending to have memory issues and gihan took advantage of that, so they kept playing and gihan won, or rather stole the old man’s marbles.

The old man was down to just one marble and suggested one last bet winner takes all and, of course, gihan said that wasn’t fair one, marble verse 19 marbles. That’S when the old man called him out as having taken advantage of a friend gihon felt bad. Ultimately, it’s a dog-eat-dog world, so the old man did not hold it against gihon. In fact, the old man gave gian his last marble, after which he told gyan that his name was o il nam and then faked his death number 11. The last bet gihan went on to win the game, but when he returned home his mother was dead that broke geon, so for the next year he continued to live the life of a pauper. As he sat by the water drinking. He bought flowers from an old woman who gave him another squid game card with an invite to the sky building on december 24th, at 11 30 pm, he went there and learned that the old man was still alive and the old man told him his name once Again, oh ill nom ilnom told gion that money did not make him happy, so he and his buddies created the squid game, but even that was not enough, which is why he decided to play, and then he said that thanks to gihan, he got to remember all The things he had forgotten long ago, which clearly may have had a hidden meaning illness may not have been referring to the fun he had had playing games with his friends, but rather the fun he had watching his son play games, as he had told gihan about During the marble game and, of course, o il nam died at the stroke of midnight, or at least he pretended to die granted he faked his death once so. The timing is either very suspect or very poetic, considering the fact that he died the moment christmas began and now the ending huang yung ho shot his brother, the front man in the shoulder and the front. Man returned the favor and it may have been an actual favor cause. Young hoe fell into the ocean, but he may have survived, and only time will tell whether or not yonho chooses to play in season two and here’s. A wild card o ilnam told the front man that he knew that he would not have as much fun watching as playing. So it begs the question: will the front man who had already won the game in 2015 decide to play again in season two? Last but not least, a will. Noms final bet was to see if there’s still any good left in humanity and gihan won. That bet someone did save the drunk guy, but even more importantly, after a year of mourning, gian was reborn. He went and got a fancy new haircut and then finally went and found kang sai book’s little brother in a shelter, as he had promised her that he would do. Gihan then gave chol to songwoo’s mother who had unknowingly lost her own son when sanwo killed himself to let gihan win the game. Gian then bought a ticket to go see his daughter in the usa, but on his way to the airport, gihan saw the salesman recruiting someone to the game. Gihan ran over and told that man not to go and took his card. Then reiskihan was about to board the plane to go, see his daughter in the usa. He called the front man and threatened him, but only time will tell whether or not gihan fights against the game or decides to take up his father’s mantle symbolized by the time that o il nam gave him his player. One jacket like father, like son, you.

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