Well, the squid game is full of Easter eggs, hidden details, and many clues that it will eventually be revealed. These shows have taken the world by storm, and after watching them three times since they were released, we found some exciting details that made them better than they are now. There are serious spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen it yet, then I’m lighting up the red light on the video now . If you like it, then please smash the thumbs up button and make sure you subscribe to such a video every day. By the way, thank you for clicking this button, now let us enter our squid game segment.

Well, the opening of Squid Game can be confusing at first.

We watched the complicated rules being explained, and saw the children playing, they were of course Gi Hun and Sang Woo. This flashback is the key, because it foreshadows how the game will end, of course, a round of squid game. We jumped to Gi Hun, a life-time gambler who kept betting on the wrong bet. He has been gambling, trying to make his life better, he is actually the best person to participate in the game .

I think his horse betting certainly heralds the future because it explained to him that the squid game is very the same thing, except that people are betting on horses. To some extent, he is similar to the Southern gentleman VIPs. They have been picking the wrong contestants. . This will herald Junho’s death at the hands of the lead singer, because the VIP will say “I always choose the loser”.

He chose Junho to please him, just to make the character turn around and attack him. Jun-Ho was then caught in this life and death game. He was obviously killed…

Although I am #JunHoIsStillAlive and now Gi Hun uses the lucky numbers 6 and 8 to win, they did.

However, these numbers will appear multiple times in the program. They always represent the middle crowd in the game , and the numbers are in the middle, just like before the bridge challenge. One of the VIPs explained why everyone walks in the middle, which is to seek safety when threatened. It’s better to stay in the crowd instead of taking risks alone.

Six also reappears because there are 6 games played in 6 days. Religious players will choose the number 6 later because it represents the day when God created mankind in Christianity. Interestingly, Ki-hoon won 4.56 million at the racecourse, and the author’s attention to detail is incredible . Now, Sae Byeok did help Gi-Hun in the subsequent bridge game.

It may be that she gave it back to him after pickpocketing his pocket. Ki-hoon’s kind nature also indicates that even after being hunted by violent loan sharks , he will help her when he thinks she just fell. Now, when these loan sharks threaten Gi-Hun’s kidneys, they offer some interesting similarities. This is similar to how to harvest the body parts of the losers in the game and provides a basis for the theory that they actually work for Il-Nam.

Unfortunately, he needs 10,000 won as a gift for his children, which is the same as the tip he gave to the teller of the gaming shop.

This number is a constant for Ji Hoon, because after winning the game and owning billions, he only withdrew 10,000 won. The prize itself is housed in a box similar to storing a corpse , and it makes an amazing Easter egg in this scene. In another terrible foreshadowing, the lighter’s gun matches the box again, because the loser is shot and cremated by the gun. It may be a range, but keep going. Now, although unfortunately due to his money problem, Ki-hoon cannot give his daughter a good dinner.

She got what her mother thought was junk food and said how her stepfather bought her a steak dinner, which brought him further pressure to make money . Ki-hoon’s status is too low to afford, but he can finally have a hearty dinner before the last game, but it is as miserable as this one. From here, crossed with Squid Game recruiters, who gave him two choices. Gi-Hun can play the role of red or blue. Although this seems to be a very superficial choice, there may be other levels.

He chose blue and eventually became a player, but the red card was very similar to the color of the defender’s uniform. Now, although the guards seem to be in control, they are forced to abide by the rules and are even killed for showing up. They sleep in a cell and are also numbered, so they may be part of the action just like the player. The theme of the game runs throughout, and the guarded CCTV terminal is shaped like a sitting down arcade cabinet. In this series, we learned that there have been about 33 years of games so far, so it makes sense for Il Nam to get this inspiration from the popular arcade games of the past.

The guard symbol is also related to the triangle, circle, and square reminder of the game My Playstation controller. Although the circle is the worker, the triangle is the soldier, and the square is the manager, each shape does have meaning. The angle on the helmet also indicates your level. No circle is the lowest level. Front Man has many silhouettes, and the number of VIPs is even more absurd, until the Southern Gentleman VIP seems to be the highest of all VIPs, which is why he can do whatever he wants.

Now, squares, circles and triangles also appear in many places throughout the series. When the group played the red and green lights, we could see them above the gate at the entrance. Next to these doors are fake metal widows. They are made up of circles, triangles, and squares. There are also these shapes on the cards.

Of course, the layout of the squid game is composed of squares, circles and triangles. When Il-nam visits his quotation marks in a pinball game, you can also see the shape on its outer door, further suggesting that he is related to the game. In any case, going back to the game, the idea of people playing with their bodies is established here, because every time Ki-hoon loses, he gets a painful slap, but if he wins, he gets money.

Now I am not sure how lucky Gi Hun has the opportunity to play games for billions of dollars of players, because after seeing the red and green lights of this creepy doll , I tried to leave immediately. However, if this series has not ruined your life, you can go to the Carriage Park and Carriage Museum in Zhenchuan County to visit the dolls.

Speaking of the destruction of human lives, the person on the card complained that since the show was broadcast, he has received a constant phone call and I feel sorry for him. With the bonus from the recruiter, Ki-hoon went to treat his mother, which reminds me of how Shang Woo asked Ki-hoon to give his mother money before he ended his life in the last game .

Gi-Hun went to pick up the plane, the password was red light, and the green light indicated the first game. After waking up, Gi Hun realized that his number was 456, which meant that he was the lowest in the same group as Il Nam , and the architect of the game was 1. Il Nam even transformed into the first person, showing us his status.

The bonus is of course divisible by the Gi-Huns number, which provides us with further clues. Ki-hoon ignored him, saying that he knew what had happened, and instantly underestimated him. The two also met Gi-Hun standing next to him on the bed, which reflects the last scene they shared. In the room with all the beds, we got clues on the walls about the actual content of each game. However, in the dark turning point of fate, only when people die after the traffic light , the clues begin to fully emerge.

However, every game we saw on the wall ended with the last game being a squid game. Music is a prominent part of classical music performances, especially the blue Danube played before and after each game . There is a reason for choosing it. This music by Johann Straus II was commissioned and was later urged to play briskly because his country, Austria, lost to Prussia in the Seven Weeks War. This is to keep players in good condition before and after slaughter.

The other part of the preface to the competition is the cartoon colorful staircase, similar to the image created by MC Escher.

His infinitely weird staircase work symbolizes the monotony of vain climbing. It matches here because the contestant is in the loop and climbing idly. Il Nam is the key to the traffic light and green light game, because he smiles to show that he is happy and more energetic than ever. We know he was in the hospital because that was where he was picked up later, but unlike the other contestants, he would not be poisoned to death.

He smiled because this might be the last time he played one of his favorite games, and he enjoyed being a participant rather than a bystander.

This creepy girl robot has a squid playing field hairpin in her hair, and we got another hint that Il Nam is special because he was not scanned by her. Interestingly, the person next to him is not highlighted either. There may be a protective ring around him so that the machine cannot even approach him and fire, in case it accidentally kills him. Now, the father-son relationship between Yinan and Kihun is one of the most fascinating parts of the show.

When they don’t help each other, they always complete the game in seconds, which is very close. It happened in a red and green light game, Il Nam gloated over him, but when Gi-Hun took the ball, the situation would reverse.

I want to take back the tears of the old man I cried for you. His deathbed is the place of the last match between the two. When the character dies, Ki- hoon will defeat him in a few seconds.

Although we will never know whether he knew that he lost the game, it is not important, because this last scene shows that people will help each other, and there is more dignity than he believed.

Il-Nam also hinted that the pair might be relatives, because Gi-Hun said he could not drink milk, but wanted chocolate. Il-nam said that his son used to do the same thing and he would beat him for it. At the personality level, the two may also echo each other because they both left their families to participate in the game. Voting to continue the game leads to some very interesting moments, it contains green and red buttons.

Voting starts in the reverse order, which makes Gi Hun seem important, but in fact, this is done to ensure that Il Nam has a decisive vote when it falls together. Sang Woo and Ali finally entered the city together, heralding their partnership in the marble game city environment. 10,000 won appeared again because it was the amount Sang Woo gave to poor Ali at this moment. During this interruption, some deaths were also heralded. Deok-Su jumped off the bridge in order to avoid the gangsters, then fell off the glass bridge and died.

Ali took the money from his boss, but when Sangyu stole his marbles, Ali was eliminated.

Say-Byeok will threaten a man’s neck with a knife, but will die in the same way, making everything complete. Most importantly, Sang Woo tried to end his life in the bathtub, which heralded the last scene of him doing so in the rain. Deok-Su’s men will attack him and lose respect for him, just like a game of pinball, which is a bit like their rhyming poetry. In an unquote’opportunity’ meeting with Il Nam and Gi Hun, Il Nam said how tortured it was outside, suggesting that he would rather enjoy his creation inside.

Poor GI Hun also met his ex-wife and accidentally left the umbrella in their apartment. This hints to us that he always forgets his umbrella. He said that this is the reason why he chose the shape in the famous honeycomb game of tik-tok. After watching the show, a critical moment becomes obvious. In this episode, Joon Ho tracks clues about the game, and tracks Gi Hun and asks him to help find out what happened .

Gi-Hun could have ended the game at this point, but he participated in the game and won, which made him try to end the game anyway. The players are all back and it looks like Il-Nam was not actually knocked down because we saw him move when he should be asleep. We started seeing the form of our squad in episode 3. Il Nam further hinted that he is strong , saying that he will not die easily, yes, he will not. He mentioned the old major who has been in the army all his life.

As far as we know, he has been running the squid game for many years . In another slight hint, Il Nam said that their meals are basically lunches prepared by his wife for him and his children, which further connects the setting with him. Sang Woo’s moral breakdown will start in the Honeycomb game, because he basically gives people the shape that puts them in a difficult position. Deok continued his theme, after people helped him by accepting the lighter and the skills of Dr.


111, he would help him in the easy handling of the game.

This is why he was later taken to harvest organs for the guards, and he was glad that it was placed here. The scale of this internal work shows that a guard deleted footage at the beginning of episode 4, indicating more illegal activities within the organization. Get it…

organize. continue. Now some characters are also fascinating mirror images. Sae-byeok and Mi-nyeo are two sides of the same coin.

Although both are desperate survivors and are ruthless even when helping each other , Sae-byeok regards the lone wolf as the best means of survival, and Minnie uses her madness and tenacity to merge with the strongest.

One. This is why she says that she is good at something, unless she is not because she uses other people’s skills. With the end of the cellular game, we saw how Jun-Ho learned the hierarchy because he was scorned for walking in the wrong place. Later, he and his manager exchanged clothes, which is why he has power later. However, the doctor was completely with the guards, and you can see that they tried to keep some people alive during the execution so that he could extract organs from their living bodies.

It further implies that the game was manipulated for Il Nam, because when he said he was scared , the quarrel was immediately cancelled. His bed is also the only bed that has not been turned over, showing the respect of those in power . Mi-Nyeo had a one-time encounter with the gangster, and he said how he thought she would be responsible for her death that night.

Although he did not die when he predicted that she would eventually kill him . When she was robbed by him in a tug-of-war match, she was forced to find a new team called her old lady.

Further hints about Il Nam’s perversion appear here because he knows exactly how to win in a tug of war . This guy is an expert in all games, because of course he played these games when he was growing up . In the tug-of-war match, we even saw hints of how Inan would escape if his team failed.

Everyone has a lock to connect to the rope, which of course ensures that you and the team fail together. However, even though Il Nam was initially locked up like everyone else, when his team won, they disappeared.

It shows how if the rope falls on the rope, he will slide off the rope and shout that youtuber MaxyDoxy has found this very cool detail. At about this time, Jun-Ho also discovered data about the Olympics, and when looking at the file, the 2020 game started with the number 2 instead of 1, further implying that Il-Nam was not on the account books and was actually responsible. After the game, we can foresee how the game will go. Inan needs something to cover the wet pants Kihan gave him.

I think Il-Nam actually used this to deceive everyone, because you can catch an empty bottle of water next to his head, and he is likely to pour it on his pants.

However, Ki Hoon is very friendly here and stays to help him. Il Nam then gave Gi Han the No. 1 jacket in return, which may indicate how he will ultimately control the game. Some people say how this protects him, because the guard will not do anything to harm the player. Most importantly, I think this is a changing of the guard , because the most important players are changing positions, which is largely a torch relay.

Ki-hoon’s kindness is shown again, because he chooses to play with Il Nam in a team game, and everyone thinks that you need a strong person.

He didn’t want him to die because this strange person might be executed, so he chose him to stand beside him. Ironically, Ki Hoon’s kindness actually “killed” Inan, or at least ended the game for him. Although he is not dead, if he just leaves him, Il Nam will not be selected and stayed in the next round, which means that many people will survive. Il-Nam probably knew this, which was why he pretended to be very sick and weak the day before.

During the selection process, he also sat at the back, refused to be selected, and then gave way to avoid being selected as a player. He is the only one who didn’t find someone to form a team, because he knew that staying was a free pass. Il-Nam once again demonstrated his knowledge, he said that the game of pinball took place in the area where he once lived. He went to search for his house and found a perfect reproduction of it, which let us know that it was built after the place where he lived.

Interestingly, Gi-Hun also said that the alley inside is very similar to the place where he used to live, so this may be another clue to them becoming a father and son.

An important clue to him now is that Il-Nam said that he once stood behind a pole and watched his son play games with their friends. This was completely unknown to them , and it reflected the way Il-Nam watched the players in the game without their knowledge. However, he also said that he really wanted to play with them, which reflected how he would enter the game to participate with them. In the pinball game, Zhiying partners with Sebi. Talk about the possibility of leaving and retreating to an island together.

In the dramatic irony, they are all on the same island, but they don’t know because of the poisonous gas . This is a cruel turn. Ki Hoon did show his gambling addiction again, because Il Nam knew he would gamble all this just to have a chance to win. Now, if Ali’s death does not break your heart, it is painful to see the death of poor Il Nam, because Gi Hun has to go to the dark side and give up his morals. Knowing what we know now, it is clear that Il-Nam was not killed at this point, because not only was he the only player we did not see death, but there was no blood or corpse when we cut into the long shot.

Il Nam showed himself as an owl in episode 7, which made sense because we saw his hands look just like his at first. The owl is suitable because it is a spiritual animal, smart and clever. Having a spirit animal with an owl can bring you good luck , which goes well with Il Nam, who has been unlucky for a long time, until he meets Il Nam, who brings him wisdom and luck throughout the game. It is worth noting that Il Nam did not meet with other VIPs because he has solved the problem and decided that it is not enough to watch now. At the end of the show, he said that he made games for entertainment, and now he can finally say itchy, which really explains the reason for his absence.

In the bridge game, we mentioned that it is human nature to hide among a group of people. This has always been the theme of the show, because teams formed between the contestants, and because of how bridge games take turns with everyone, this obsession with teams or teams has now become their downfall . After becoming the worst strategy in the red and green light , caution and finally got the reward later, which means that Ji Hoon has the easiest time. Now if Il-Nam does this, I think the light will stay on so that he can see the thickness of the glass, but maybe he doesn’t want to do this game, because yes, those heights are terrible. Once the bridge game is over, we There are only three survivors left.

They were treated as VIPs , and they were given a steak dinner to remind them of Gi Hun’s daughter. Obviously, their ranking is because of the abundance of food and they got beautiful clothes, so they no longer need to wear green sportswear. They are sitting at the triangle table. If you remember that the triangle table is a step higher than the average worker of the defender, this is a subtle hint that they are promoted based on their performance in the game.

Sadly, my favorite character was eliminated, and we only have two left.

The final game is the squid game, just like the recruitment game, they can choose to attack or defend the role. After the last death, we saw a huge change. Ki-hoon no longer played cautiously behind. This time his choice of offense means his transformation into a more offensive player, and we will also see the start of his roaring revenge frenzy at the end.

Gi-Hun finally won, which is back to the beginning where he also accepted it.

Once everything is said and done, Ki-hoon has his bonus. If it were me, I would buy a shiny fire-breathing dragon and a lot of Pokemon card replenishment boxes. The forward toasted to him and explained the horse’s situation. Based on the results of the investigation at the end of episode 5, we know that he is also a player, and he is likely to win because he is still alive. Maybe he was bored with his bonus, and finally joined the game to watch it.

Front Man, Il-Nam, and Gi-Hun are all people who finally put their families aside in order to be part of the Olympics. I am glad to have these similarities. Front man is a bit opposite to Gi-Hun, because both are winners, but one chooses to participate in an authority role, while the other wants to win the organization.

I do think Jun-Ho is still alive because he was shot in the same spot as In-ho, and the latter survived. Maybe he had to hide it for a year to wait for the game to restart so that he could collect evidence, because all this was probably destroyed during his escape.

Gi-Hun again withdrew 10,000 won, which was the amount needed to impress his daughter . After a while, we saw that his life has not changed at all. Just like VIP, he has little enjoyment of his wealth. However, the big revelation happened, which I think is one of the most stressful scenes I have ever seen . In the game, Ji Hoon’s surrogate father Yi Nam is revealed to be an architect.

He is just bored and needs entertainment. Hey, why doesn’t he go to space like the rich in the West ? The connection between the two continues because Il Nam is a money lender and Gi Hun is their victim. Of course, every contestant has debts, but Gi Hun literally means debts owed to money lenders, so Il-Nam, as his puppet, forces him through all this very much. They played the last game to see if humans are really kind, and it turns out to be the case.

After this, Ki-hoon decided to take a revenge journey and summoned the aura of Gerard Way from the Killjoys era and dyed his hair red. This signal is the motivation for revenge. Director Hwang Dong-hyun told the Broadcasting Times about this matter: “[Ki-hoon’s red hair] represents that he can never go back to the past. This is also a manifestation of his anger.” Of course, red is related to the guard in the game.

The color, it shows how he transformed from a player to an authority position. This is the perfect way to end the show and see that the game is still in progress, which will make you hype about next time . Overall, this may be one of Netflix’s most complex shows to date, because every setting or shot has its purpose and reason. This is a lightning bolt in the bottle series that resonates and makes it a global phenomenon. The game itself is of course a metaphor for how the rich play with the lives of ordinary people.

It has many similarities with capitalism, and how many people quarrel with each other when the rich rule everything. Overall, it’s great, and if you find anything we’ve missed, I’d love to hear it below.

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